A raptor that appears to be Texan

89% illustrator. 11%raptor.

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a tale of souls and swords eternally retold

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A cleaned up post-WS Bucky/Steve sketches based on Stereobone’s fantastic idea♥♥


A cleaned up post-WS Bucky/Steve sketches based on Stereobone’s fantastic idea



back to school commercials


back to school commercials after graduation


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Around April of last year my friend, Jamie Vickers, encouraged Ben Li and I to apply to animate on Masaaki Yuasa’s “Space Dandy” episode.  Yuasa-san was apparently looking for international animators and posted about it on his Facebook wall.  We turned in our reels and promptly got the gig.

I decided to only take on four shots just to feel it out and to make sure I got it all in on time. 

The Carpaccio animation and shadow passes weren’t used in the final cut, but I decided to include them for this post to show what was turned in and approved.  The rest of the drawings I did came through though!  Very exciting to see the final animation all cleaned up, colored and cut together.

Yuasa-san was very open to us using Flash to animate our shots.  The production took the final keys (genga’s), printed them out, retraced onto paper and inbetweened those drawings.  It’s a pretty wild pipeline, but it totally worked.  I am grateful to have experienced working under one of my most favorite directors, Masaaki Yuasa-san.  

If granted the opportunity I would like to do more animations for Yuasa-san and other overseas productions in the future.  For now I will continue working on my personal project that I aim to get done before the end of the year. 

Space Dandy

Ep 3 Season 2

"Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Baby!"

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wow armin looks so different in snk season 2

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ash you fucking idiot

favourite fucking line

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Finishing an entire anime in one night.


Receiving suggestions for new animes that can also be finished in one night.


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Expectations Vs. Reality / Game of thrones

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